Wednesday, 2 March 2011

New Laddermill Video from Delft, New international conference

TUDelft flying high, Next AWEC conference in europe

Quick post today, here's a new video showing the great progress being made at TUDelft. They've made good progress on the kites working with Mutiny, you can clearly see the modified attachment points and bridle on the in-flight video. This video also shows the teams first autonomous controller deployed on the kite.

Also should have mentioned ages ago, the 2011 Airborne Wind Energy conference, awec2011 is at KU Leuven in Belgium at the end of May, keynotes lined up include the elusive Stephan Wrage from Skysails aswell as Corwin Hardham (Makani Power) and Wubbo Ockels (TUDelft).

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Airborne Wind Energy on TV and at TED

Great exposure for Ampyx, SwissKitePower

After a protracted blog-silence whilst I finished my phd thesis (now submitted!) I'll now be updating the blog again whenever there is news to report. 2011 should be an exciting year for Airborne Wind Energy, with more new startups, established energy and engineering firms moving in and some exciting projects in the pipeline.

To start things off, here's a video featuring Swisskitepower which is to my knowledge the first feature on Airborne wind energy on French TV, congrats to Corey and the team for the publicity!

Also Bas Lansdorp from Ampyx Power had a slot at TED Amsterdam, it's a brief talk but has some nice shots of the kiteplane and probably the best shots of their winch system to date. They seem to be making good progress and Bas is a great ambassador for the technology.

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