Sunday, 1 August 2010

Back to light entertainment, new Makani site, new companies, conference news

So after that painful exposuse to some math, here is something nice to look at, Makani's rather fetching new website . There's a new video I hadn't seen:

Which is nice to see, not sure what the wing area is, but you can see the power output and windspeed in the plot, if you managed to keep watching after that stomach churning on-board cam bit. I might do a post on the content of the new site at a later date.

Also here's a new company: Kitemill. I know not alot about this project but given the name I would expect ground generation with a kite? And another one : Altaeros Energies, who don't have a site yet but this article
shows a logo and the scheme of operation which is basically a windturbine elevated with a buoyant & lift generating, passively stable enclosure/fairing like this:

Final exciting news is that Jianjun Zhang of the snappily titled: Guangdong High-Altitude Wind Power Technology Ltd. will be at the AWE conference. I'm sure everyone is keen to hear about that project. Registration is open for the conference and I would definately recommend going. The list of speakers looks fantastic.

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  1. Hi
    Nice to know that a conference is held on wind energy. Really wind energy should be given priority.


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