Saturday, 29 May 2010

Groundgen/Flygen Comparison Weekend - 1

Ground-generating Configuration Videos

This weekend being a holiday here in the UK, I'm going to take some brief breaks from a hectic programming schedule to post some video links. Part of the reason I'm doing this is to highlight the difference between generating on the ground, and generating in the sky, what Loyd called the 'Lift mode' and 'Drag mode' respectively.
Airborne wind energy is still in its infancy but I get the feeling that this difference is quite crucial and it will be really interesting to see how each stream matures over the next few years. Both schemes have some common benefits and challenges but also some very definate advantages and disadvantages. After I've shown both sets, I'll list a few of these as I see them and it would be really great to get some feedback from the surprisingly ever increasing number of readers.
The first video is Stefano Milanese from KitEnergy talking about some tests performed with their generator on a boat.
and here is a recent test from the laddermill team at TUdelft, they have a new website by the way at It shows them maxing out their generator at 20kW with a 25m SLE kite, there is also load of other interesting videos on the Laddermill Youtube channel so check them out.
Hopefully you readers will get impression of a growing maturity of kite energy, both in hardware and also operationally. Please note that TUDelft have air space authority for their testing at such altitudes - don't try that at home!

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