Sunday, 9 May 2010

2010 International Conference

Details of this year's Airborne Wind Energy conference, new consortium anounced

Sorry everyone for the terribly long wait since the last post, it has been all hands to the decks since February, having said that, there will be some exciting footage coming up soon.

The news today though is the details of the 2010 Airborne Wind Energy Conference (Let's not dwell on the retreat from high altitude shall we!) are out. Here is the link to the site: .
Key details:
  • Conference Dates: Sept 29-30, 2010
  • Conference Location: Stanford University, CA
  • Submit speaker request by: (not explicit) ASAP
And also there is a new international Industry Organisation, the Airborne Wind Energy Consortium : . It's about time this happened, it makes sense for those kind of advocacy and communications activities to be done collectively for the whole industry.

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  1. This could also be interesting:
    Underwater, but taking advantage of the kite concept.


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